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I was all sooky about work stuff yesterday! )

I wanted to go home after the workshop, but TBD. pointed out that there was a little artists' residence on the roof above the art gallery where the workshop was held. It was one of the most beautiful spaces I've ever been in - something about the way it all fit together tidily and the light and the way the rooms connected made me fall instantly in love with it. Then instantly asleep on my face.

And when I woke up TBD. gave me Delicious Milk Drink*, and I got a lovely long email from PinkHairClaire, and some guys turned up with drums, and A. (a Swedish lady staying here) pulled me up to dance for a bit, and then I played a bit of capoeira, and my new friend-who-is-a-lady, D., turned up and we all went and ate some delicious snacks, and then D. and I spent ages sitting up on the roof looking for songs that she knew how to sing and I knew how to play on my ukulele...

...and I felt much better about the world.

I am very lucky with the people that I meet.

* I am not being vegan here. I am avoiding eggs, but it feels silly to say no to milk that is delivered by a guy whose cow lives just across the road from us and eats our food scraps.
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Picked up my business cards = am now a grownup.

Yesterday I found out that Dinesh (and the Tall Girl and Renee?) are already in Kerala, so I'll see them soon. I'm looking forward to it, not just because they are fun to be around (and interesting things tend to happen in their vicinity) but also because it means I can have a longer chat about what Janastu is doing and whether I can help out at all.

I ended up playing capoeira with Ravi on an unused stage in a park last night (after some men came up and sternly told us that the skating rink we were playing on before was "for playing, not for dance practice"). Also Some Guy came up and asked if we were going to always play in the park, because he wanted to come down and join in. How perfectly delightful!

And then I ended up at the Art of Living ashram again, where Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was talking. It was kind of fun to listen to, because he has a good sense of humour. Not so much into the more spiritual stuff. Anyway, despite giving my honest opinion afterwards to some of the guys there everyone was very nice. A guy from the UK gave me a poi lesson, and I played some capoeira with him and a Brazilian. And also had a chat with one of the guys who works at the ashram about the Art of Living's seed conservation program.

And today I'm going to NIAS again: Kavita's talk + catching up with Tim, should be fun.


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