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I need a tag for entries that say: "hey, I know That Other Thing that was stopping me from being social is over, but now This New Thing is happening, so I won't see much of you, still."

This is another one of those entries.

I am back in Australia, and am now working full time (officially, rather than merely unofficially) in an actual office with my name on the door. Far more importantly, J's family is going through a very difficult situation, and I want to spend as much time with them as possible.

So I will probably be dividing my time up between work and family and home. I would still like to see people, but I think I will not have a lot of time and will mostly want to be at home, when I'm not doing other things. I want to nest and tidy, and make people tea, and cook for people that I love.

I'm going to try to make sure that work is something I can corral into my actual office time, and spend as much of the rest of my life as I can making small beautiful spaces and small beautiful things for the people around me, and for myself.

So, um, I guess what I'm saying is that once again: it's not that I don't like you. I do like you, very much! But there are some other things I need to do, for a while.
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I just got an email from my head of department informing me that due to a new industrial award, I will now get paid additional money for marking above and beyond my tutorial hours.

This email stretched across several paragraphs and my ability to understand it was severely hampered by:
a) the fact that I've just eaten ridiculous amounts of avocado+chillichutney on toast, which has put me into a sleepy little food coma,
b) the fact that I do not understand my pay structure at all to begin with (seriously, I tried to look at my pay docket one time and it was so confusing that I decided to stop and never do it again), and
c) the fact that I am, at the best of times, apparently almost completely unable to process information that my brain decides is about 'grown up stuff' (including anything to do with money).

But! I think this means I get paid more now? And I think it is probably because of my union (the NTEU)? So: well done them, I guess! And you should join your union. They (often) do Good Stuff, and can help you out if you face a similar inability to deal with Grown Up Stuff (like negotiating pay conditions).


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