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Jarrad, you put in a good effort, and came a close second, but I'm afraid Liz wins.

So I am cheerful today!

In other news:
* Perhaps I haven't told you recently, so a summary: I think Kale is pretty excellent.
* Treehugger continues to delight me, and full me with lust for material things. Ah well. The contradictions of life.
* Kale and I are going to see a play about Tesla tonight. Hurrah!
* I was going to cycle to Leederville last night, and discovered that my front tyre had kind of exploded (?) I take this as a sign that my bicycle wants more love, which I shall attempt to give it once I get back from Thailand.

Tristram Shandy was a pretty alright movie. There are better critics than me out there, so I shan't attempt a thorough treatment. But, some stuff I liked:
* that a lot of the time, the entire cinema would be silent except for the eight or so of us sitting in a row, laughing 'til we ... cried.... a little.
* there was a baby in it! possibly even two!
* a tiny actor upside down in a mock-up womb.
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It does eat my time, true. But in between doing a little work today (admittedly not as much as I should be doing), I've been rectifying my sad lack of exciting listening. Yup. That's right. Instead of just demanding that you and you give me music, I have been exploring the internet and finding some Stuff.

I've mostly been limiting myself to music that is free and legal (no copyright, public domain, etc), since it's less hassle and there's a lot of it. It did mean that I couldn't find some music I've been getting cravings for (marabi music, african jazz, older hugh masekela, among others), but I've found enough to please me.

The day started with Ska for the Skeptical, which is a very pleasant way to start the day. I also got some good Brazilian/capoeira music from Oddio Overplay, which also links to a heap of different collections and sharing networks. And right now I'm listening to a selection from the Stap isi blog.

* This month's collection from bumrocks, which I haven't listened to yet. I've been given to understand that it's 1980s alternative stuff...'though I can't find the link that told me that, now.
* I found one or two things that I liked on playlist. Plus it reminded me about Project Gutenberg, which has an audiobooks section. I like that some are read out by computers. (In my head, that means there is a computer in an argyle vest and reading classes sitting next to a child's bedside, with a storybook open in front of it.)
* I got a few of MC Hawkings' songs from soundclick, although sadly couldn't find "F*ck the Creationists".
* Spin the Globe have a couple of free world music mp3s available a week, plus a section that links to other sites with free world music, which I haven't fully explored just yet. I'm looking forward to exploring rare Persian music, music from South Africa (hopefully some african jazz or kwaito will surface), Brazilian hip hop (since crappy genres are better in a different language), and possibly the (unholy) genre of Yu-Mex. Also: I hope vintage bellydance music reappears!
* The Benn loxo du taccu site ("African music for the masses") also grabbed my attention, 'though I haven't had much time to look around it just yet.

Perhaps I shall also put in some time in a while trying to find similar sites with music that is neither old nor world music-ish.


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