Feb. 11th, 2011

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My week has been full of minor inconveniences. First world problems, and not even particularly dramatic ones. My bike tyre was flat. I couldn't find my tyre levers. The glue in my puncture kit was hard. My shoe broke. The library I went to work in had no power points. Work has provided a thousand small barriers to an enjoyable week, including continued (and increasing) uncertainty about my job.

I've managed it all okay, I think. I've accepted that I'll get less done than I wanted to, that everything will take longer. That instead of doing ALL the marking, I will do most of the marking but also catch the bus to the bike store and get a new puncture kit and catch the bus back and repair my tyre, and glory in having a bike that goes again. And working on my journal article and my plans for India and my book proposal will wait for another time. And the emails that are piling up will get answered.

I have been feeling all fuzzy in my mind, and awkward in my body, and uncomfortable in odd and unplaceable ways.

I am grateful for:
* The lovely people in my life, friends and family and loved ones, and the patience they have with my inability to find the time I want to spend with everyone.
* That all the things I am overwhelmed by are things I want to be doing.
* Bicycles and ukuleles.
* A care package from my mother, which arrived in the mail today! (I will be good, and wait for next week to open it.)
* Our cat and kitten, who come and flop down in the room where I'm working and watch me as they fall asleep.


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