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Today has been a busy family day, mostly, with some Talks in and also some eating. Some of the Talking was exhausting, but it's also good to see people and be in family spaces. Other things I did in family spaces today include:
* having a nap,
* losing at tavli,
* having my first accordion lesson (my arms hurt!),
* explaining about my new think tank (BEFORE I FORGET: where is a good place to host a website? It will need space for a few documents, nothing too crazy...),
* listening to my grandparents swear in arabic.

Now I am going to go to bed under about 6 blankets, wearing two pairs of socks, pajamas, and extra shirts, in the hope of being warm enough to sleep.
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I loved Christmas this year. It was so nice to be with my family, and all the extra family that float around the Gregoriardises' place. All very chaotic and wonderful, and I also got to spend some very pleasant time with my cousins.

Yesterday and today's weather is now utterly flattening me. Yesterday I pretty much spent the whole day lying down, whimpering, and drinking water. In the end we caved and turned on the air-conditioner for the first time since we moved in, but I'm not really comfortable doing that every hot day. My plan for today is to try to fix my bike (the back tyre needs straightening, which is a real hassle to do), and then cycle to town and hang out in the delicious, air-conditioned library/art gallery/museum.


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