Oct. 19th, 2011


Oct. 19th, 2011 09:43 pm
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* Our beautiful house, which is full of sudden morning singalongs in silly voices and tidy spaces and care. And also occasionally when you come home someone will hide behind the door in a ghost costume and jump out and yell 'boo!'. (This has only happened once, actually. I worry that it may happen again.)
* I gave a lecture tonight, as part of the evening extension course we're running. It went well, and I didn't fret about it or spend too much time preparing (because I didn't have time to). We have made this small space that works well and is cosy and interesting, and people speak and eat snacks and thank us repeatedly after each session.
* My greek teacher saw me on TV (not sure which station) at an activist event, and when I explained to him why I was there he said he was proud of us, he's happy that people are trying to fix things.
* I helped a stranger on the Internet today. It only took five minutes of my time, but it was helpful and they were happy and could get on with their work, and it made my afternoon better.
* Work is difficult, at the moment. I'm doing a thing I've never done before, and some days I am terribly anxious about it. But I also have times (like much of today) when I'm excited about how to fit it all together.
* So many lovely people, including many who I don't see nearly often enough.


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