Jan. 1st, 2011


Jan. 1st, 2011 01:28 pm
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I feel a bit odd doing reviews of the year, because my memory is kind of all over the place, and I'm often not entirely sure what happened this year and what happened in an entirely different year.

But anyway.

This year has largely been about doing all kinds of things, all at once, enjoying the freedom of having finished my PhD:

* I've enjoyed teaching in the new department tremendously. I've felt supported and extended and valued, and I feel confident, most of the time, that I'm a pretty awesome teacher.
* I've really enjoyed learning the ukulele! I'm so delighted and surprised that we managed to make some songs that seem quite good, really, and that we have played for people and they seemed to enjoy it. I have so many thankyous for Lizface for being patient teaching me, and helping to make me feel okay about playing just-as-well-as-I-can-manage in front of people.
* Bluestocking ran some workshops, gained some new members, and has (I think) reasonably sustainable and interesting plans for 2011 (yay!)
* I joined the board of Electronic Frontiers Australia.
* I taught a couple of greek classes, and it was more fun and less terrifying than I thought it would be. I did a good job, I think!

My biggest regret for the year is not getting myself together to send out more book proposals, but I'm not going to give myself a hard time about it.

I have so many things I want to do this year. I'm going to sit down sometime in the next few days and develop an outline. I enjoyed spending time exploring in 2010, but I think I want to be a bit more focused in 2011 and have more of an idea of what I want to achieve.


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