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Find out more useless facts about me! How exciting! )

Also, how nifty are these treehouses? (The answer is: very.) I think living in a treehouse would be about as cool as living on a boat. It reminded me of a cool post I saw a while ago, on little spherical treehouse-modules. While I was looking for the site, I found this treehouse guide, which would be pretty helpful if any of you wanted to build a treehouse. For example.

It reminds me of the building-your-own-crazy-hippy-houses books that my parents owned, which I used to love looking through (and subsequently 'liberated' when I left home). I like remembering that the me-that-I-am-now is still excited about the same things as the little thing I used to be, spending hours looking at earthen dwellings with moss roofs, and different garden designs, and bright, interesting rooms for children.
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Today I spent a fair amount of time telling Raj that he was wrong about a wide variety of topics (including homosexuality, the nature of light, and Islam).

Yesterday I mostly spend doing transcriptions, and then in the evening I went to a "small dinner" that turned out to involve about 20 people and was in a function room at the Bangalore Club (which is like a leftover part of colonial India). It was a bit weird, because I went with Suresh but men and women were sitting separately so I had to make new friends. Still, pleasant.

* I want to do this so much I could pop.
* Do my dashed johari window! I did yours!
* I like that Sophiatown has its name back. (Reading the story made me want to listen to african jazz a lot.)
* It is not fun having to bother people to get contacts. Especially when they promise to email you and then don't.
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Oh my! I am so in love with this crazy german student housing. It is odd how delighted I get by this kind of stuff. A couple of days ago my mother sent me a photo of one of the railway-carriage rooms that we visited at the museum in Kalgoorlie, and ever since then I've been lusting after a space like that to live in to a ridiculous extent.

I think that I'm far too enchanted by small and novel living spaces.

If you wanted further proof of my time-wastiness, why not tell me who you think I am? (Who says randomly clicking through shared-interest-lj-usernames doesn't pay off?)


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