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Why is this so pretty*? Why I am filled with a desire to live in tiny inconvenient spaces? WHY?

* From the inside. From the outside it is very ugly, but that could be easily fixed.
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Despite the general feeling of looming workloads, I've had half an hour here and there to fill with hopes and dreams (my other spare time I fill with panics about the quality and progress of my thesis). I've been thinking a bit lately about what I want to do next year, including whether I want to reconsider my living situation.

So it was fun to spend a while this morning looking at Tiny Houses. I like the thought of building my own tiny, tiny house. Some of the houses on the site look a bit big (or a bit ugly) for me, but I am rather in love with this one (I like loft bedrooms).
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not much work. house hunting. application put in for a place in mount hawthorne. playing chinese checkers and tag in the park with liz and kale. dinner with family and kale. too many webcomics at night.

this morning i've been trying to get up the enthusiasm for some work, and failing terribly. i have, however, been looking at teardrop trailers as a possible alternative to the hideous impracticality of living on a boat. i feel that building and living in one of these would give me just the right mix of:
a) eccentricity (building one's one dwelling when one lives in the developed world and has limited practical skills almost always involves a certain level of craziness. building something that relies on being towed when one has no driver's license gives added levels. perhaps I could make it towable-by-bicycle?)
b) practicality (with all the travel i'm doing, it makes sense to have a small space that i don't have to pay rent on in which to put all my stuff and keep as 'home')
c) impracticality (it's a trailer. the problems here are numerous.)

also, it would clearly be a brilliant project for my father and i to bond over.

and! my music seems to have held up solutions to yesterday's problem, with ms. dynamite and jaheim singing songs that must be okay, since ms. dynamite is a feminist and all.
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Find out more useless facts about me! How exciting! )

Also, how nifty are these treehouses? (The answer is: very.) I think living in a treehouse would be about as cool as living on a boat. It reminded me of a cool post I saw a while ago, on little spherical treehouse-modules. While I was looking for the site, I found this treehouse guide, which would be pretty helpful if any of you wanted to build a treehouse. For example.

It reminds me of the building-your-own-crazy-hippy-houses books that my parents owned, which I used to love looking through (and subsequently 'liberated' when I left home). I like remembering that the me-that-I-am-now is still excited about the same things as the little thing I used to be, spending hours looking at earthen dwellings with moss roofs, and different garden designs, and bright, interesting rooms for children.
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Oh my! I am so in love with this crazy german student housing. It is odd how delighted I get by this kind of stuff. A couple of days ago my mother sent me a photo of one of the railway-carriage rooms that we visited at the museum in Kalgoorlie, and ever since then I've been lusting after a space like that to live in to a ridiculous extent.

I think that I'm far too enchanted by small and novel living spaces.

If you wanted further proof of my time-wastiness, why not tell me who you think I am? (Who says randomly clicking through shared-interest-lj-usernames doesn't pay off?)


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