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APSA goes on, and is more or less entertaining. I've been to some very interesting presentations, which I may get around to writing about on my grownup blog at some point. I've been having a lot of debates with people (hurrah!), most of which seem to focus around top-down vs. bottom-up or (on a related note) the consonance between political ideals and how one lives.

It amuses me, because I have found someone else who has similar political ideals, and often it feels like we are tagging each other on in the debate. I like new friends! I like new friends who know interesting things!

I have also been doing a fair amount of exploring. A couple of days ago we saw some women in steampunk outfits running a giant rube goldberg machine that juiced oranges. We found a cosy little bar in the Valley and listened to some music. Yesterday we went for a rambling walk to West End and, having accidentally gone in the complete opposite direction, walked across the Story Bridge, which is famous (although I don't know why).

There is other news, but I should be getting on with things.

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I did a bit of work today, but (like the last few days) today was not too productive. I am trying not to fret about this, because I realise that productivity comes and goes.

Happily, I've been given a few more contacts by my new friend, Nazu, who I met via bookcrossing. It seems a trifle ridiculous how many people I'm meeting here who are welcoming, looking after, and treating me. Now as well as the Eco Watch kids and Raj's family, both of whom make me feel like I'm a (horribly spoilt) member of the family, I've met a lovely woman who not only treated me (and her niece, who was also there) to lunch, but gave me a new book to read. And I enjoyed talking to her and her niece (who's name I tried very hard to remember, but missed) a lot - Nazu sounds like she's had an incredibly interesting life, with a lot of odd (and at times difficult) experiences. Her niece was also great - very talented and multifaceted. And then there was an additional friend, who was fun and relaxed and also very enjoyable to be around.

It's odd, but as soon as Nazu and her niece walked into the restaurant where we met, I felt...relaxed. Really not stressed at all about meeting new people. (Although I did fret afterwards about a couple of things I said, and that I talked too much, so you don't need to worry yet that I've been replaced by some kind of functional socialising machine.) And after lunch we went to Nazu's house (currently in the throes of decoration) for a bit, and had tea and chatted about love and our lives and, for quite some time, farting.

I'd like to write a more coherent entry about this - or rather about how lovely it's been for me making friends here - but I don't have the concentration span. I guess it is just amazing for me that within a month I can have met so many interesting people who are so willing to tell me about their lives and thoughts, and especially to look after me and make me feel cared for.

Often, lately, I wonder how it is that I am so lucky as to bump into these people.

In other news: I am happy that during my tipy ramblings about the evils of consumer capitalism to Suresh last night, I managed to win bonus points from him for rambling about Taylorism, which he hadn't heard of before.

In other news, no matter how much I change my answers, I cannot avoid getting this result ) for the Edward Gorey quiz.

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To follow up my previous experiments (ie. jellyfish - not as tasty as you think, india - does actually exist), yesterday I ate a Russian Cheese Sandwich. The menu didn't say what it contained, but I was thinking, "how wrong can a sandwich go? Bread, cheese, things. Yum."

It is the worst sandwich in the world. )


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