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Yesterday we went to see Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera's blue house, which was beautiful.

Last night J and I went out (unsupervised!*) and met up with C-from-Psychology. It was a pleasant evening - a lot of trying to talk Spanish, a reasonable amount of tequila, and some wandering around. Our taxi driver had trouble finding the hotel, and I was surprised when he stopped next to a police car, lights flashing, to ask for directions. They answered, too.

Today we drove to Cuernavaca, which is smaller and safer than Mexico City. When we went out for dinner, I saw an old woman pressed up behind a pillar. She looked so determined, with her lips pressed together. It turned out she was waiting to throw a rock at a stray dog that was coming her way. Sometimes, grandmothers are scary.

Coming up soon: Gigantic Mexican Wedding, Cuba!

* Well, M had stern talks with us, and then stern talks with the taxi driver who was told to stick with us for the evening, and we were in the Zona Rosa, which is a safe area.

Mexico City

Jan. 6th, 2009 01:03 pm
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Yesterday we caught the bus from Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara. It was good to see more of the countryside, which is very beautiful, but I kept falling asleep on the bus. I think it was just a little too comfortable. We spent the day in Guadalajara with M's family - they made us lunch, and then we went and wandered around Tlaquepaque for a bit (5 points if you can pronounce that). There were cobbled streets and old buildings and street food and tamarind margaritas.

In the evening we caught a plane to Mexico City, and are now staying at M's mother's house, which is in the throes of Wedding Preparations. Happily, I'm staying out of the whole thing - J and I have spent the day at the house (with strict instructions not to leave). I've been reading some articles I wanted to get around to, and some books I downloaded, and attempting to answer questions M's aunt asked me in Spanish about how to use a computer. My tiny amounts of Spanish have been getting a lot of exercise.

In a couple of days we're going to Cuernavaca, where I will continue to avoid Wedding Stuff, and maybe be able to explore a little.

Some things:
* Sometimes, on the bus, people get on and play guitar and sing songs. They have to lift the guitar out the way as people try to get off the crowded bus.
* My attempts to buy postage stamps have failed miserably so far.
* We are (hopefully) going to sort out tickets to Cuba today.
* I am somewhat perplexed by the dearth of bookshops.
* Mexico City is one of the few places that I've visited that I haven't instantly thought of moving to. (In general, this is how I feel about Mexico and the small amount of LA I saw, possibly because they are so dominated by cars and BIG CARS.)
* I will never, ever, get sick of guacamole.
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We are now safely in Puerto Vallata, hanging out with M's family and a heap of other tourists. M's family is lovely, and I'm really enjoying listening to everyone speaking Spanish...I can catch about one word in ten, which is just enough to have a vague idea of what's going on.

No idea what's planned for tonight,but I imagine it will involve hanging around the marina where we're staying...there are lots of restaurants around here, and there will be fireworks and, I imagine, a lot of drunk people.

Much love and best wishes to friends, family, and any other readers who've stumbled across the journal.


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