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I am feeling rather the opposite of 'on top of things'.

* I did a section of last year's Greek exam last night in class. It was a comprehension exercise in which one had to fill in blanks in a letter with words from a list. I got 8 out of 13, which is good, but I couldn't really work out what the letter was about, which is bad. I am pretty sure, at this stage, that if I pass it will be a) only just, and b) a very baffling experience for me. My vocabulary is just too small. Still, I have two weeks until the test, so I guess I can still do a little more catching up.

* My thesis is going, but always more slowly than I would like. I am trying to write the last section of my first chapter at the moment, because I deleted the previous version of it (for good reasons). But then the rewrite I attempted over the last couple of days also had to be deleted. And... *sigh*

* Teaching is somewhat painful at the moment. The area I'm teaching is not my specialty, and I'm trying to restrict the time spent preparing to a sensible amount, which means I spend much of the class saying 'that's a good question, I don't know. Why don't you guys look it up?' I have no fundamental problem with this approach, but it gets a little discouraging for me at times.

* There are many people who I am not seeing nearly as often as I'd like. Right now, my weekday evenings are full from Monday to Thursday, I do greek homework every morning, and I have teaching prep and greek homework to do on the weekends. Trying to see everyone that I want to see is hard!

* Other bits and pieces: bluestocking has been somewhat neglected as I don't have internet at home right now. Kate put up a good entry on creating community cohesion on the blog, and Shae's also been doing a bit here and there, so I don't feel too bad. A couple of my articles have come up on ActNow, one on facebook stuff and one on online communities.

Overall, despite feeling a bit overwhelmed, I am not feeling too stressed. I am reminding myself that things sometimes take longer than you would like, and that not everything can be done brilliantly, and that's okay.
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The last few days have been exhausting. Moving house and unpacking and frantic preparation for today's classes and then cycling to Greek. I have a lot of catching up to do, and it feels like this week is already full to the brim with not much room left over: I still have to clean up Matlock for the rent inspection, and look after Ms C after her wisdom teeth get removed, and catch up with the think tank since Dr C is off to Cyprus soon. And I am dying to play with my typewriter, and do some gardening, and finish the story I am writing with Lisaface Zippertum. Not to mention all the extra catchups I want to do, and haiku to write, and accordion to practice, and family I am missing.

Anyway! Question time!

So, I have been thinking of doing my Greek exam next month. Only problem is, the exam is difficult, and I don't really have an adequate vocabulary yet. I could do a heap of preparation for the next month and maybe pass, and even if I fail it's not too big a deal because I can always resit. Or I could wait until the next exam, which may be at the end of the year or may be next year. What do you think?
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* I have an accordion! My father got it for me, with the help of my uncle and grandmother, and I love it very much. I want to take it everywhere with me, but although it is small, for an accordion, it is quite large for a bicycle. I practised with it on Sunday, and I sounded terrible, but I kept going anyway. Maybe I will mostly practise when others are not around.
* I got a job! It is a little job, and I will be waiting to get Official Forms before I rub my hands in glee, but it looks like it will cover my bills for the first half of next year, and will involve writing 'opinion pieces' (read as: rants) for 'the youth' on a website.
* Today I went to the gym. I am, as yet, undecided on whether this will be a long-term thing.
* I have been writing an awful lot on my thesis! And reading a book for this masterclass I am doing. And reading some other books that I feel I should read for my thesis. It feels like I am Getting Things Done.
* My last Greek class for the semester was on yesterday. We drank ouzo, and I was very, very tired from all the Getting Things Done. Next year I will probably prepare for my first certificate, which I guess will involve quite some work, since it's at the end of the year.
* I upgraded my XO's operating system, and it is all shiny, and I just want to play with it always, but I've had hardly any time to. I also upgraded Ubuntu on my grown-up laptop (after some help from Jamie): it promptly had a complete hissy fit, but luckily it was all stuff I managed to sort out in a few hours. I was a bit horrified that KVocTrain, my language-learning software, disappeared, but it turns out it's been replaced with Parley. I was initially a bit grumbly, but it turns out Parley is actually very good, and has some useful features that were missing from the KVocTrain.
* I have some lovely people in my life, who spoil me very much. I have been having nice chats to K (who always manages to perk me up when I'm down, although I cannot return the favour, unfortunately). My father and his partner got back from South Africa, and I enjoyed hanging around with them on Saturday. Also my grandparents came around, and I swelled up full of love all over again. I am excited about them coming to uni for lunch! I will show them the ducks, and my shelves full of books. I have been seeing a lot of N and J, and having fun times and restful times both. J cooked dinner last night, and picked me up after Greek, and it was lovely to eat good food and not do the dishes and just breathe out.
* My garden makes me happy. I potter in it ineffectual, and turn the compost, and wonder what to do to make my plants healthy and strong. There are many tomatoes growing (and I still do not quite believe that they are real, and one day I will snack on them), and little snow peas, and the corn and the sunflowers out the front are doing interesting and baffling things.


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