Oct. 19th, 2011 09:43 pm
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* Our beautiful house, which is full of sudden morning singalongs in silly voices and tidy spaces and care. And also occasionally when you come home someone will hide behind the door in a ghost costume and jump out and yell 'boo!'. (This has only happened once, actually. I worry that it may happen again.)
* I gave a lecture tonight, as part of the evening extension course we're running. It went well, and I didn't fret about it or spend too much time preparing (because I didn't have time to). We have made this small space that works well and is cosy and interesting, and people speak and eat snacks and thank us repeatedly after each session.
* My greek teacher saw me on TV (not sure which station) at an activist event, and when I explained to him why I was there he said he was proud of us, he's happy that people are trying to fix things.
* I helped a stranger on the Internet today. It only took five minutes of my time, but it was helpful and they were happy and could get on with their work, and it made my afternoon better.
* Work is difficult, at the moment. I'm doing a thing I've never done before, and some days I am terribly anxious about it. But I also have times (like much of today) when I'm excited about how to fit it all together.
* So many lovely people, including many who I don't see nearly often enough.
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I've had some nice catchups over the last few days. One of the things I'm really appreciating at the moment is having a whole heap of people (mostly ladies, but one or two of the man-types as well) who are terrible clever and insightful, and who aren't afraid to ask me the Tough Questions or tell me the Tough Things.

I am so lucky to have people who I have a whole heap of respect for who aren't afraid to disagree with me, and whose questions and requests for further explanation come out of their love and care.

Plus, people who are willing to let me babble on at length about Issues without telling me to STFU.

I know lj (not to mention dreamwidth) is pretty dead these days, but if you happen to be one of these people and you happen to read this: thank you!
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My week has been full of minor inconveniences. First world problems, and not even particularly dramatic ones. My bike tyre was flat. I couldn't find my tyre levers. The glue in my puncture kit was hard. My shoe broke. The library I went to work in had no power points. Work has provided a thousand small barriers to an enjoyable week, including continued (and increasing) uncertainty about my job.

I've managed it all okay, I think. I've accepted that I'll get less done than I wanted to, that everything will take longer. That instead of doing ALL the marking, I will do most of the marking but also catch the bus to the bike store and get a new puncture kit and catch the bus back and repair my tyre, and glory in having a bike that goes again. And working on my journal article and my plans for India and my book proposal will wait for another time. And the emails that are piling up will get answered.

I have been feeling all fuzzy in my mind, and awkward in my body, and uncomfortable in odd and unplaceable ways.

I am grateful for:
* The lovely people in my life, friends and family and loved ones, and the patience they have with my inability to find the time I want to spend with everyone.
* That all the things I am overwhelmed by are things I want to be doing.
* Bicycles and ukuleles.
* A care package from my mother, which arrived in the mail today! (I will be good, and wait for next week to open it.)
* Our cat and kitten, who come and flop down in the room where I'm working and watch me as they fall asleep.


Oct. 25th, 2010 10:24 am
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I'm feeling mopey and unmotivated today. There are things that I want to make, and I have a stack of marking that I'm actually really looking forward to getting to, but I'm having trouble finding the energy. So here is another gratitude-ish post!

Things that I have enjoyed of late:
* Talking to my grandparents about Emma Goldman and radical politics and homophobia and apartheid and Greek politics and the Greek/Turkish Thing.
* Marking (yes! my new plan is working!)
* Making more time to read (Currently Emma Goldman's 'Living my life' and David Mitchell's 'Cloud atlas').
* Cooking for people (I still have a long list of people I would like to make dinner for!)

Things that I get an odd kind of pleasure from, even though maybe I shouldn't:
* Wearing pants and my merino shirt until they're grubby.
* Getting swooped by magpies (it makes my cycletrips feel like Adventures!)
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A household breakfast.

Darning and mending while eating snacks and chatting with my ladyfriends. Pleasant on many levels, including the fact that darning and mending for J and the Goslings makes me feel like I am showing my care for them in quiet and tender ways.

Chats and tea with J.


Making things.

Writing in my journal, which has good paper, with my nice pen.

Small joys

Feb. 8th, 2010 03:56 pm
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* Time with J's family, crafting with ladyfriends, dinner with newish friends. I have good people in my life, even if I am feeling all rushed and don't have as much time for catchups anymore.
* I made a fructose-free, gluten-free, dairy-free banana bread, and it didn't taste awful. It was quite nice, even.
* Batch 2 of marking: done.
* Greek homework: done.
* Wholegrain toast with brinjal pickle, home-made humus, chopped spinach, and fresh-sprouted alfafa.
* A tidy house with a gentle breeze blowing through it.
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I am feeling rather dispirited today. I am finding Thesis Stress and Recent Events a bit tough, but I suspect it is largely because I am having trouble sleeping properly (because of the heat?) So today is a day for a 5 Things To Be Happy About entry:

1. I am visiting (mostly) Greek family on Sunday. I haven't had time to trek out to their place yet, so I am really looking forward to seeing everyone in a relaxed, hanging-about kind of way.
2. I have been doing fairly well on the living-in-a-way-I-can-be-quietly-proud-of front. I have been cycling places, and working hard, and cooking with people, and generally Getting Things Done (Ethically). I feel a little guilty about the upcoming flight to Sydney and Armidale, but neither is too frivolous so I think I can live with it for now.
3. I still feel a little unsettled about people, possibly because I haven't had enough time to see some of my Lovely People. But on the plus side, I have had some very nice people-time lately, and I feel like I've been doing okay at Doing Nice Things for Nice People, which is one of my current goals.
4. Our Informal Think Tank is well on the way to being formalised. We are now incorporated (I think). I set us up with a website, and a blog, and emails and all that. We've started putting some content up, but I don't think it's quite ready to link to yet. I am excited about doing potentially grown-up work with my group of wonderful friends/fellow-researchers.
5. I have been Fretting about my thesis, mainly because I am a little worried that no-one will ever care for it and it will die alone and unloved. But still! I have been forcing myself to work on it, even when I feel tired and unmotivated and bad at concentrating. I wrote about a thousand words today, and the same yesterday, and although I don't feel they are glittering gems, they are at least words on a page that can be edited.

and one more!
6. Things are starting to happen with ActNow. Another one of my stories is up, and I am going to Sydney in a couple of weeks for the workshop. It feels a bit exciting to be making my living (such as it is) from writing.


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