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I finished marking the final late assignments for last semester yesterday. Today I've been making my way through the discussion boards for two units, and mapping out the work I need to do to familiarise myself with the new unit I'm teaching. I'm making lists of things to do (book proposal, next bluestocking event, update and maybe move my website, sort out my workspace, writing projects).

I have three engagements tomorrow morning, my graduation tomorrow night, so many people I want to see. My evenings are booked until Friday, and then I'm away for the weekend from Sunday 'til next friday.

It's good to be busy, to have things I want to learn and do and make. Also a bit overwhelming.

Part of what I'm trying to say is: I want to catch up with you all, really I do. But I may not be able to as soon as I'd like. I still like you very much, and want to be your friend!
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Some things I have to do in the next two weeks:
* Two batches of marking, both of which are huge,
* Participate in our web conference thing,
* Study frantically for my greek exam, which is on the 11th of May and is way above my level (again),
* Sift through another 500 or so parliamentary debates,
* Sort out speakers for our next workshop.
* Start my thesis corrections

Plus all the 'optional' stuff, like capoeira and ukulele and family and friends and house maintenance and bicycles, that keeps me sane.

I know that most of this is stuff that I want to do, although frankly I could happily leave the RA stuff...I took it on before I knew how much teaching I'd be doing. Last fortnight was rough, and I got quite sooky. Marking all day and most of the weekend does not, apparently, fill me with joy and light. The next couple of weeks are going to be rough, too, but I'm going to try hard not to spend the whole time feeling stressed out and isolated.

One plan is to do more fitting-people-into-gaps, trying to call people or catch up when I unexpectedly have an hour or two spare here and there. And then, when this subsides a little, I really want to cook for people. Do you know, I think that I haven't had people over for dinner at all since we moved? All the housemate dinners are lovely, but it will be even more awesome to have more of you over for dinner!
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Today, I'm going to leave the house at 8am. I'm going to spend the day working on my research assistance stuff, and two hours in the evening at greek class. I'm going to cycle around 50km. I'm going to get home at 9:30pm.

This Saturday, pretty much the whole day I was busy with work: a remarkably focused meeting, uploading marks for one unit, background reading and some board moderation for another.

On Sunday, I had a hangover and went to Crafternoon. I also spent the morning doing lesson preparation, and the evening marking and writing up meeting notes.

I think this will be how things are, again. I don't feel bad about it. Firstly, all of this is stuff I want to do: I enjoy, I care about it, I'm willing to stay up past my bedtime working on it. Secondly, I'm pretty sure that life is like this for lots of people do, with the frantic Getting Things Done all over the place.

This weekend wasn't much of a weekend, but I did feel like I used all of my time well. I didn't spend any of my time doing things I regretted later,* like reading stupid stuff on the Internet. I spent time with people I care about, and worked well.

I think that as long as I remember to set aside some time in the week for Sitting Quietly By Myself, I should be fine with this.

* Actually, maybe I could have had fewer ciders.
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The last few days have been exhausting. Moving house and unpacking and frantic preparation for today's classes and then cycling to Greek. I have a lot of catching up to do, and it feels like this week is already full to the brim with not much room left over: I still have to clean up Matlock for the rent inspection, and look after Ms C after her wisdom teeth get removed, and catch up with the think tank since Dr C is off to Cyprus soon. And I am dying to play with my typewriter, and do some gardening, and finish the story I am writing with Lisaface Zippertum. Not to mention all the extra catchups I want to do, and haiku to write, and accordion to practice, and family I am missing.

Anyway! Question time!

So, I have been thinking of doing my Greek exam next month. Only problem is, the exam is difficult, and I don't really have an adequate vocabulary yet. I could do a heap of preparation for the next month and maybe pass, and even if I fail it's not too big a deal because I can always resit. Or I could wait until the next exam, which may be at the end of the year or may be next year. What do you think?
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Most of my days have been like this: wake up, rush to do things, rush to uni, try to work, rush home, try to do more things, rush to meet people, discuss agendas.

So, yesterday uni was all tippetytaptippetytap as fast as I can because I am meant to be finishing a chapter by tomorrow (hah!) or maybe monday (which would still involve writing around 19,000 words in four days). Plus also some lunch, and some looking-after-baby-Phoebe. And then I rushed home, went to the shops, baked a cake while trying to talk coherently to K (who very nicely forced me to sit down and relax for a while and did the dishes), and then rushed off to Think Tank meeting. We had an agenda for think tank. It was an actual, real, action-points, meeting. The upshot of it was:

Now that we have our doteasy account, I need to learn how to make it go. Our website will need to have a few publications, maybe some blogs, and maybe some discussion forums. Can anyone recommend a good tutorial or...something... I am not even entirely sure what it is that I need. Some sort of dreamweaverish program?

This morning I have been rushing around packing school lunches and planting garlic and tidying things that I feel need to be tidy so that I feel good about life.

And now I am at uni, and it is work-time, which I feel quite good about.

I would like you all to know that I miss you, though, and the reason I am being all Absent is busy-related: I still like you very much. *hugs*


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