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* I got my conference funding, so at least my travel to the OCIS and APSA conferences is covered. I'm much more nervous than excited about the conferences, and particularly about presenting, but I'm going to try to be a little more organised this time and hopefully that will help. Hopefully I will get the reviews back from my paper soon, and will have some time to fix it up before I start preparing my presentation.
* My thesis is moving very, very, slowly, but is at least moving again. I've been having more Severe Doubts about it, but I suppose they'll pass as usual.
* I'm looking into the possibility of doing a few months of work based at NIAS in Bangalore next year. I'm a bit unsure about this, though, since I'm tossing up the benefits of extending my existing research against exploring new areas. More updates when a) I've thought about it more, and b) I work out whether getting this grant is a realistic enough possibility to fuss about.

* I am still a bit sad and mixed-up about things. But let's not talk about that, since it's not so fun and makes my eyes leak.
* The next Flora Segunda book comes out in September! How exciting! Also I am still reading Antarctic journeys, The Pirate's Dilemma, and Twice a Stranger. The latter is winning, so far. It is about mass expulsions of Christians from Turkey and Muslims from Greece, as provided for in the Treaty of Lausanne. It is new and interesting for me!
* Greek class started again. The accusative and nominative remain somewhat baffling.
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So, anyway, there are some sad and difficult things happening in my life, and a lot of things that I am pondering in a not-necessarily-happy way. But instead I am going to tell you about Ysabeau Wilce, and why you must read every story she writes, large and small.

I first came across her writing in a fantasy compilation; The Lineaments of Gratified Desire promptly became my new favourite thing in the whole world. I finally got my sticky paws on a copy of her first novel, Flora Segunda of Crackpot Hall, a few months later.

The way she uses language is utterly delicious to me. And her treatment of gender is wonderful (Flora Segunda made the James Tiptree Award honours list, which is for books which explore or expand concepts of gender), and doesn't make me angry at all (not even once!)

I am most terribly excited about Flora's Dare, which is the next Flora Segunda book, and will be coming out "soon". I can only hope that I don't explode from Wanting before Soon happens.
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* Green and Black, makers of my fair trade chocolate of choice, have been bought my Cadbury. Dash!.
* One of the books I gave away on Saturday night has been registered already. Hip hip hurrah!


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