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I was all sooky about work stuff yesterday! )

I wanted to go home after the workshop, but TBD. pointed out that there was a little artists' residence on the roof above the art gallery where the workshop was held. It was one of the most beautiful spaces I've ever been in - something about the way it all fit together tidily and the light and the way the rooms connected made me fall instantly in love with it. Then instantly asleep on my face.

And when I woke up TBD. gave me Delicious Milk Drink*, and I got a lovely long email from PinkHairClaire, and some guys turned up with drums, and A. (a Swedish lady staying here) pulled me up to dance for a bit, and then I played a bit of capoeira, and my new friend-who-is-a-lady, D., turned up and we all went and ate some delicious snacks, and then D. and I spent ages sitting up on the roof looking for songs that she knew how to sing and I knew how to play on my ukulele...

...and I felt much better about the world.

I am very lucky with the people that I meet.

* I am not being vegan here. I am avoiding eggs, but it feels silly to say no to milk that is delivered by a guy whose cow lives just across the road from us and eats our food scraps.
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Today I spent a fair amount of time telling Raj that he was wrong about a wide variety of topics (including homosexuality, the nature of light, and Islam).

Yesterday I mostly spend doing transcriptions, and then in the evening I went to a "small dinner" that turned out to involve about 20 people and was in a function room at the Bangalore Club (which is like a leftover part of colonial India). It was a bit weird, because I went with Suresh but men and women were sitting separately so I had to make new friends. Still, pleasant.

* I want to do this so much I could pop.
* Do my dashed johari window! I did yours!
* I like that Sophiatown has its name back. (Reading the story made me want to listen to african jazz a lot.)
* It is not fun having to bother people to get contacts. Especially when they promise to email you and then don't.


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