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I haven't really been posting here, in large part because I'm not quite sure what it's for. When I first started my Dreamwidth account I was thinking about it as a replacement for livejournal, somewhere to put more personal posts, because of the ability to lock them down to different levels of privacy. However, while the platform still seems well-suited to this use, my network on here doesn't. When I started on livejournal, I was all young and angsty and most of the people on my friends list were people around my age who I knew at least a bit offline.

Now, although a few of my close friends have come over to DW from LJ, most of the people I know here aren't necessarily going to be interested in my more introspective posts. And for things I share publicly, I tend to put them over on my 'grown-up' website or my tumblr, just because they're more visible.

I really like this platform and the possibilities that it affords, though, so I'm going to make an effort to start using it more often, even if it's just to read my friends list (and a big wave to all the Ada campers I've just followed!). Maybe in the process I'll work out what to use this for.

on 2012-08-01 08:28 am (UTC)
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I am always interested in your introspective posts and personal thoughts *loves*


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