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It feels like the time has gone very quickly. There are still some friends I haven't had a chance to see, and most people I've seen I feel like I've hardly spent any time with at all. In the end, work's gone okay, I think. I have some very good interview material, and some projects that might expand and grow over the next few weeks and months (I hope!). I'm ready to be home, but there are lots of people and things I will miss about Bangalore.

I'm organising The Tiniest Unconference before I leave. It might end up being six people having dinner together, or it might end up being (very slightly) larger and more unconference-y. We'll see, I guess! Hopefully it will be a chance for me to share a bit of my work, but more importantly to introduce some of the people who I've spoken to who don't know each other already. I'm trying not to fret about it, and to just let it be what it ends up being.

I haven't done much shopping while I've been here. I'm comfortable with that! I am always stuck when it comes to buying presents for people, especially since if I buy for one person I want to buy for everyone. However, I have been thinking of getting a tawa (a flat cooking iron). Because a gift that lets me make masala dosas and chapatis more easily is a gift that just keeps giving. Hopefully. Should I do it? Yes? No?

That is all.


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